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Cho Oyu PrincessCho Oyu Princess
Mt. Cho Oyu is a neighbour summit of Mt. Everest and the 6th highest summit in the world. And since our spiral bead bracelet is based on Tibetan beads, I find the name quite fitting.
Autoclave Masters PendantAutoclave Masters Pendant
Here I electroformed an old PC cooling unit in our crazy lab to create - with a few bits and bobs and sprockets - the Autoclave Masters Pendant, a lovely steampunk inspired pendant you wear on a leather cord around your neck.
Red is the primordial colour. First seen, first named, a power in the foreground that jumps the eye.
In our colour project we attempt to shine a light on the various cultural, biological and physical aspects of colour - an important part in fashion and jewellery design.
Winter WonderlandWinter Wonderland
Now THAT was a winter day! Snow higher than my waist and a sky as blue as sapphires!
Colourful Lantern MarketColourful Lantern Market
There we went to the colourful lantern market in Saigon's Chinatown, District 5. The lantern festival is one of the most colourful festivals in East Asia.
Spirit of the winds - earringsSpirit of the winds - earrings
These lovely horn earrings somehow to my inner eye summon an image of "Spirit of the winds". And what do you associate with the shape?